Consultation on the Future of the Pub

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Zac Monro Architects have been appointed by the landlady to look into proposals for refurbishment and the extension of the pub. The extension will form a new residential block as an alternative source of income which will prevent the closure of the pub. Unfortunately, the pub in its current state is financially unsustainable – this extension will ensure economic sustainability and secure the pub as a well-loved community asset.

If you have any questions please contact:

Zac Monro Architects on 020 7326 0779


  1. Chris Jones says:

    Whilst it will mean having to go without my fix of the Brick for a while, the greater good is that it stays long-term. I support this!

  2. Hugh Burns says:

    Yes, it’s better to have a pub that sustainable than none at all.

  3. loachwill says:

    This is a lovely spot and it would be a shame to lose it. It’s a landmark for this Canadian; I’ve been there more times than I’ve been to London and think of it every time I look at the cracks on my mobile phone screen (sustained by fumbling it onto the Waterman cobbles).

  4. Andrea Gai says:

    I love this pub…and I can’t imagine a day without it. So I stand for the Brick!

  5. Mr Zan Marseilles says:

    I am not a regular customer nor visitior to The Bricklayers Arms, however,Ms Becky Newman is a well respected and regular contributor to a National Charity that is and always will be very dear and important to me, HEADWAY, that has been, during the last 7-8 years and continues to be so incredibly supportive to both myself and many thousands of other fellow Brain Injury Survivors nationally. She has personally taken part, successfully, in at least 2 Marathons and possibly even 3, 2 of which were at The Poles and 1 of which was raced in a Desert and endured a great many incredible and exhasperating challenges that I feel certain would bring many a grown man to his bended knees. For these and a great many other good reasons beside I personally wish Becky all the very best with her application and wish her and The Bricklayers Team/Staff all the very best and may it continue to go happily from “STRENGTH TO STRENGTH”.

  6. tony whitehead says:

    I am a long standing regular customer of the Brick, I support anything that will assist in keeping it going. Putney is dominated by the usual mash of pubco businesses, more interested in food than the atmosphere of a pub that you visit to drink and chat. I think it reasonable to say it is the only real “pub” for miles around and deserves everyone’s support – even if you don’t use it – if only because it at least is different from all the other pubs around it.

  7. john says:

    A pub can’t run without beer. Seems like it’s been purposely run down.

  8. Becky Newman says:

    Thank you all for your comments so far, many of which are very touching. I wish to stress to all my customers, both past and present, how totally committed I am to the survival of this pub. My family bought the property at an auction, back in 2001, to save it from demolition. I re-opened the pub, after years of closure,in 2005 and, along with my wonderful staff, have fought very hard to keep it open. Nobody loves this pub more than I do. My planning application is an attempt to guarantee its survival for another 200 years. I am not a weasly developer trying to make a quick buck and flee the area. I am deeply committed to the Putney community. The last thing on Earth I would do is to deliberately harm The Bricklayer’s Arms.

  9. Syd says:

    The Bricklayers is a proper pub and a real community asset and anything that will help to keep it open and remain a viable business should be supported. We have been regulars since Becky took over and this is a family run pub in Putney and one of the oldest and unique buildings as well. Best of luck. Syd & Jules

  10. Drew says:

    I definitely support this development. I moved away from Putney so only get to go there once a month now, but London wouldn’t be the same for me if the Bricklayers wasn’t there. I have always been worried about the future of the pub due to all the American diners and gastro pubs in the area. The Brick is the only place where you can have a decent pint and feel the proper atmosphere of what a pub should be. Thank you Becky for looking after this gem for us. You have great regulars, but also many fans who live all over the country and overseas who love your pub.

  11. Tom Vincent says:

    If it’s the best way to keep the best pub in London open, then so be it. I was against the refurb at the Half Moon, but as it helped keep the place open, it was necessary. This seems the same. Good luck Becky!

  12. Here’s wishing you all the best in the development. Spent most of the 70s drinking there, and its still in my mind the best time pub in London. Good luck for the future.Roy

  13. Paul C says:

    I hope it works out. Not a regular as don’t live in Putney but always enjoyed a pint or two whenever the Whites were playing at home.

  14. Jeff Dent says:

    The pub’s still alive and kicking and the Brickfolk Sunday afternoon singarounds restart on Sunday 27th September.
    Also the Brick’s “Traditional Carols in London” session will take place on the afternoon of Sunday 20th December (
    Come along, support the pub and join in with the singing.

  15. alda milner-barry says:

    Kike other respondents, as a regular drinker at the Brick I support anything which will help it to keep going. But is not one of the main problems that it cannot provide anything in the way of food? Does the proposed development do anything to help with this? Best of luck anyway.

  16. Peter Gay says:

    Wonderful welcoming community pub that’s been very good to me over the last 10 years. I support anything to try to keep it going. Good luck Becky!

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