Real Ale At The Bricklayer’s Arms

Here at The Bricklayer’s Arms we take great pride in serving well-kept, high quality real ale.

We have 12 hand pumps on the bar, offering an ever-changing range of amazing beers from small breweries around the UK. Our policy is to buy in the whole range of a particular brewer every week, one that is not normally showcased in London, so we can offer Londoners a real choice. The aim is to have a sort of rolling beer festival. We don’t shy away from buying in much stronger or so-called speciality beers either. The emphasis is on trying new beers all the time.

Two of the hand pumps are taken up with a real cask cider and a perry. At the moment we have Bushel’s Cider from Kent at 6% and our perry is Westons from Herefordshire. Another hand pump is taken up with the more locally brewed Wandle Ale from Sambrook’s Brewery just up the road in Battersea. We are part of CAMRA’s LocAle scheme which aims to support local brewers and reduce carbon footprint.

We also offer a wide range of lagers. We have Pilsner Urquell, Staropramen and Budvar from the Czech Republic. Amstel and Fosters are popular on hot days as session lagers, and we also have the ever-popular San Miguel. The keg stout we sell is the classic Guinness.

Sometimes you will find one or more of the hand pumps covered over with a bar towel. It doesn’t mean we don’t have the beers in the cellar, it just means they aren’t ready to serve. Ale is a living product. The casks have to be laid down to settle and are then vented. Sometimes it takes a few days for the beer to come good. We won’t put beer on that’s not ready to drink because we think that you, the customer, deserve better than that. Likewise, there may be beer in the cellar that’s ready to drink and we don’t have a spare hand pump to put it on.

Always ask staff to help, we’re more than happy to nip down and pour you a pint on gravity.

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